PharmaExec: Janet Kosloff and the State of Pharma Insights

Post By Charu Gupta

December 7, 2016

Janet Kosloff started InCrowd with one idea: that technology and a new micro methodology could significantly reduce the friction in life sciences market research.

Think about it. Long timelines, cost over-runs, vendors who maybe understand your business problem. And at the end of the day, a thick powerpoint presentation with data and insights that are dead on arrival because your bottom line and your market has moved to a new place.

In this latest think piece in PharmaExec, Janet talks about the current life sciences market researcher and her vision for how InCrowd is using technology to transform this industry.

There is an encouraging receptivity among today’s life sciences market researchers, Janet writes.

“This receptivity is a critical first sign that today’s explosion in market research automation, data integration, and visualization technologies is being viewed as a way to streamline some of the profession’s most painfully repetitive tasks such as longitudinal tracking studies—which implicitly demand a seasoned expert to implement them and interpret their results.”

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