PharmaExec: Caleb Costa’s Top Pharmaceutical Market Research Trends for 2018

January 10, 2018

In the latest issue of PharmaExec, InCrowd’s Chief Commercial Officer, Caleb Costa, talks about one important prediction for 2018: greater collaboration, versus active attempts at disruption.

Caleb’s article, “Top Pharmaceutical Market Research Trends in 2018,” explores how the increase in automation and technology has provided the catalyst for some of the changes we have seen in the last few years, and goes on to describe how we can expect to see these changes gain even more ground in 2018, but not without some difficulty.

Here’s how Caleb tees up his analysis:

Through further analysis and in speaking with market research buyers over the course of the year, the more interesting pattern to emerge is the fact that new offerings comprised of differentiated technology were far less important than a given vendor’s understanding of the client’s business. In other words, market research buyers wanted vendors who could help them use the data being collected from said fill-in-the-blank technology and bring the far more valuable market insight that their brands needed to be successful.

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