Janet Kosloff Featured in Greenbook’s Thought Leader Predictions for 2018

InCrowd Co-Founder Janet Kosloff joined 36 market research thought leaders as they shared trends for 2018 in Greenbook’s annual roundup. According to Janet, 2018 will bode well for market researchers thanks to continued innovation and technology.

Here’s what Janet shared with with GreenBook:

We are seeing more incremental changes when it comes to the mix of traditional and innovative technologies in market research. And we are seeing the potential for huge shifts through consolidation and partnerships between different kinds of companies serving the industry. All of it bodes well for helping market researchers do their jobs even more effectively in 2018.

A major trend I expect to see in 2018 is the increased use of innovation and technology to get behavioral insights. Good researchers are looking for the truth. Traditional research methods often require setting up a session of direct questioning in a constructed environment. Technology, on the other hand, speeds up the delivery of information and the range of behavioral data that can be collected through improved user experience design and automation. Researchers get data in real time, as doctors give answers on a schedule that suits them. A great example is in the use of imagery to elicit an emotional reaction to stimuli in surveys. Physicians make tough therapeutic decisions on a daily basis. Their experience with removing emotion from the equation is reflected in the answers to survey questions they may be presented with. Images can help them best identify answers that reflect emotions to get them past their nature and get the most accurate information.

Check out the full list of thought leaders in the online Greenbook article. 

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