Is Getting Information Fast Enough Keeping You Up at Night?

Post By Charu Gupta

August 25, 2016

We recently asked life sciences market researchers about their professional lives and the state of the industry.

Getting information fast enough emerged as a major concern in two separate, open-ended questions asking about your barriers to success and the things that keep you up at night.

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With technology and the business cycle shifting at rapid speed, market researchers have been left scratching their heads on how to keep up with business and market needs when their toolbox consists of long-term studies, maze-like procurement procedures, and vendors who can’t deliver on time.  

In this climate, fast data also needs to be actionable and high-quality. So how do you have it all? One answer: Real-time research.

Real-time market research allows modern-day marketers and market researchers to launch high-quality surveys quickly, target validated respondents within minutes, and start receiving insights within hours.

What you get with this approach is speed and flexibility through powerful algorithms, API networks, and mobile engagement.

The most common application for real-time research are microsurveys, a concept first pioneered by InCrowd.

With microsurveys, respondents are targeted instantly and their responses visible within minutes. This allows an immediate, and real-time, read on what your unique audience is thinking and enables strategic decisions to be made quickly with reliable, accurate insights.

According to the latest GRIT report, industry adoption of microsurveys is steadily increasing, from 25 percent at the end of 2015 to 35 percent by May 2016.

Don’t let the speed of business leave you in the dust. Find out more about micro research and microsurvey methodology today!

State of Life Sciences Market Research Report, 2016

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