International Women’s Day – Insight into Women in Medicine

Post By Emily Pereira

March 7, 2018

Today is International Women’s Day and InCrowd wanted to share some comments we derived from research recently conducted with female physicians in our Crowd. We posed the question, ‘What is it like being a woman in medicine?’ Here’s what some shared:

“Lovely. Empowering. Everyday there are less and less gender stereotypes and more respect and encouragement. Still some intimidation – ie. surgeon lounge full of older men while I look like I am out of place. But this is more about my attitude of being shy rather than how others have made me feel.” – Gynecologist, TN, 1 year in practice

“There is sometimes discrimination, but there are also patients who are more comfortable with female physicians. Being a wife and a mother has taught me a lot and helps me relate to my patients better.”- Primary Care, IL, 6 years in practice

“Rewarding, though can be a challenge to achieve work life balance.” – ENT, NY, 4 years in practice

More to come on this topic with an upcoming blog from Dr. Sasha Shillcutt. Stay tuned!

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