Health Business Blog Interviews Co-Founder Diane Hayes on Changes in Market Research

January 15, 2018

InCrowd’s President and Co-Founder Diane Hayes recently discussed the value of market research in biopharmaceuticals with healthcare business consultant and policy expert David Williams of Health Business Blog.

In an industry that is slow to change, a quick turnaround time combined with responses in real time will provide more accurate data. Diane believes in the value of short surveys that produce quality responses, and helped found InCrowd to provide services and products that do just that.

Here is a portion of what Diane shared during the podcast with Health Business Blog:

It is interesting to see the amount of technology that has been leveraged to make the process of collecting data smoother and quicker. In the early days, people expected quick data collection to not be rigorous and that has been our mantra, that we provide top quality data. We allow our clients to not only ask questions as they would with other market research platforms but we also are careful that we vet the physicians that are answering the questions.

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