Drug Topics Features InCrowd Biosimilars Market Research

November 29, 2016

Most U.S. physicians plan to prescribe biosimilars in the next three years, but they won’t be making the decision to do so lightly, according to tracking market research survey data from InCrowd. Physicians have also upped the number of factors they’ll weigh before switching patients to FDA approved biologic drugs that are similar yet not identical to the ones already being prescribed. A recent article in Drug Topics, Issues About Biosimilar Substitution,” features our in-depth research.

Some of the comments InCrowd received from physicians included, “At this time I would not be amenable to switching a patient from a stable medication without significant data to prove complete compatibility” from a rheumatologist and “I would wait and let other doctors experiment on their patients,” from an oncologist.

InCrowd President and Co-Founder Diane Hayes is surprised that more physicians are not familiar with – and willing to prescribe – biosimilars. “With four biosimilars available now, not just one, I’m surprised that that substantially more docs aren’t…more familiar with biosimilars.

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