Bloomberg Radio Interviews InCrowd CEO About Connection Between Business and Poker

August 8, 2017

InCrowd CEO Janet Kosloff recently sat down with Tom Moroney and Anne Mostue of Bloomberg Bay State Business Hour to talk about her work and InCrowd’s innovation in the world of quality real-time “micro” market research in the life sciences industry.

“We took all that friction away from the middle of that process and we gave our clients the ability to ask those questions directly to the respondents,” Janet said.

Janet talked about the genesis of InCrowd and how she identified a problem in traditional life sciences market research and came up with a solution.

“We recognized that we could apply technology to the problem and be able to shorten the time to insight from weeks and months to literally hours and days,” she said.

Janet also reflected on poker, a personal hobby, and an inspiration for her entrepreneurial thought-process.

“Poker and business are both games of incomplete information,”she explains.

Listen to the full interview below!

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